The easiest way to collect content and files from your clients

Organize and gather the content you need for website builds and marketing projects. Replacing lengthy email chains, clunky spreadsheets and unorganized docs.

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Collect the content you need

Use our simple content builder to create structured content fields. Enabling your client or copywriter to upload text, images, videos and documents in the format you need it.

Designed for
freelancers & agencies

We've felt the pain of gathering content for website builds and marketing projects. So we've made it simple and quick to organize and collect the content you need.

Content builder

Design content to match your requirements. Our simple yet intuitive content builder makes it easy to gather the images, audio, videos, text, links and other content you need.

Structured content builder

Sitemap builder

Our sitemap builder lets you easily visualize your content. This tool will help you plan out and design your websites in minutes.

Content dashboard

Content dashboard

Organize your content by projects and pages, then create a sitemap to map out the website you're building. This will make it easy for everyone on your team to find what they need.

Content dashboard

Share links

Our easy-to-use tool allows your clients to upload their content, images, and documents - without an account! Simply share a secure link to your project.

Share links

How does it work?

Start collecting content in 4
simple steps

Step 1: Create a project

Create projects to organise and manage your content.

Create a project

Step 2: Define your pages

Define the pages or items that you require content for.

Define your pages

Step 3: Add content fields

Create different sections and add fields to collect structured content.

Add your fields

Step 4: Share with your client

Send a secure link to your client to begin uploading their content.

Share with your client

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

All plans come with a 14-day free trial so you can experience CollectContent without any limits.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime from your account page. When cancelling your subscription, you will retain access to CollectContent until the end of your billing period.

Who can I share a project with?

You can generate a secure shareable link to anyone that needs access to create or edit the content.

Are there any storage limits?

Nope! Upload as much content as needed.

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